Job offer: ski school coordinator at Station touristique Pin Rouge for winter 2019-2020

Job description:

The ski school coordinator, is in charge of the ski teachers and students. Also, this person is in charge of recruiting new ski teachers and the good flow of the activities.

Main tasks:

  • Evaluate the needs of the customers and propose de best options for them and register them.
  • Meet the customers, make their bill, explain them how the ski school works and present them to the ski teachers.
  • Make the schedule of the teachers and supervise their day to day work.
  • Compile the hours worked by the teachers and, with the general manager, make sure they are paid the amount they should.
  • With the general manager and the mountain chief, come to an agreement on the needs of the school in terms of tracks and the use of the snowmobile taxi.
  • Communicate the information with all the teachers and make sure that it’s respected by everyone.
  • Recruit new teachers and make sure they get the training they need.
  • Be up to date on the new techniques of training and the best way to do in our field.
  • Balance the cash of the ski school and produce, at the end of the day, your daily rapport.

Skills and qualities required

  • Supervising and managing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Customer service skills
  • Care about the progress of the students


  • General manager

Work conditions

  • Hours depend on the affluence
  • From December 15th to April 5th

To apply for this job, contact Benoît Trépanier, General Manager,